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Who is NNWeb?

Through creating websites for the past half a decade, we have gained a wealth of experience and just as many satisfied clients who have established an online presence through functional websites. We can do the same for you.

Our partnership with clients is founded on mutual trust, transparency, and efficient communication. We believe that constant learning and improvement are essential for this business, and that's what guides us. We are always open to new challenges and creative ideas.

Services We Offer


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Web Design

Creating the design, or a draft of your website in Figma.

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Sales (Landing) Page

Do you have a product or service? Want to attract potential clients, referrals, and sales? It's time to have a landing page!

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Website creation in WordPress. Maintenance of your website after launch. Troubleshooting, and site optimization.

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Online Platform

Do you have an idea for an online course and want a platform that provides your clients with a great user experience? The online platforms we create are just that.

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Custom Theme

If you want a WordPress theme tailored to your needs, you're in the right place.

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E-commerce Website

An online store allows you to sell products or services. Customers can easily access what you sell, and everything you offer can be presented - from descriptions to prices and other essential information.

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Who has relied on our expertise?


Here are some of the clients we’ve helped in building their businesses in the online world.


Multi-page Website

We've created a new website for Aleksandrović Winery, using different technology and refreshing the site's appearance by adding new pages and sections within the site. Products are better organized, allowing visitors to have a clearer overview. The site is significantly faster, well-optimized, and brings the brand closer to the visitor.


Multi-page Website

Website created using technologies: HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, WordPress (PHP). The website's goal is to showcase all the brands within the "Orvas" group, as well as the services they offer. Customer feedback is also displayed.


E-commerce Website

An online store for Kristina Milanović, the founder of the first Face Fitness Center in Serbia. Handmade Face Fitness products are showcased. Visitors can explore product descriptions, features, and reviews, and there's also a photo gallery for each product.


Multi-page Website

Website for Hristina, pharmacist and the founder of the Health&More brand. The website showcases the services offered by Hristina, along with more information about her and her brand. A notable element on the homepage and a separate page is the "Avoid Additives" app, which has achieved significant success and has been so far downloaded more than 50,000 times.


Sales Page

Marija Marić is a journalist and entrepreneur. The sales page is there to present her services, along with a brief timeline of her personal and professional development. Client testimonials are included, as well as a newsletter sign-up and the option to contact her through the page.


E-commerce Website

A website and online store for unique swings for both children and adults, primarily designed for home use. These swings are creatively designed and perfect for relaxation and entertainment.


A website with a booking option

"Hotel Pharia" offers not only accommodation but also a range of activities on Hvar and in the surrounding area. Each activity has a dedicated page that provides detailed descriptions, and the design of these pages complements the descriptions. The main convenience is the ability to book accommodation directly through the website.


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What do others say about us?


Clients who wanted to share their collaboration with us:

I knew it would be better than I expected, and that's exactly what I got. Openness, flexibility, creativity, and quick solutions are the greatest strengths of the NNWeb team. Nikola made sure everything ran flawlessly from a technical perspective. The reactions are the same - people ask me who created my landing page.

Marija and Nikola don't need words of praise for new clients; every time they do something, it becomes a recommendation in itself. They work flawlessly, with dedication, thoroughness, and care, and they have an exceptional customer-centric approach. They will be my choice even when the landing page grows into a website, and then the sky is the limit.

Marija Marić

Mentor for writing sales proposals

As someone who absolutely knows nothing about web design and all the accompanying intricacies, I must emphasize that you have phenomenally understood me, my idea, and what I wanted.

I received even more than expected! From start to finish, the entire collaboration went smoothly, very efficiently, and transparently.

Despite all the technical challenges, Nikola made sure the website saw the light of day as soon as possible. I am extremely satisfied with our collaboration! 🤗 🤗

Ines Đorđević

Owner of the “Pure Beauty by Ines” beauty salon

Collaborating with Nikola and Marija is a true pleasure, and they deserve the highest praise. I would especially like to emphasize their professionalism and precision. What was of the highest importance to us was the ease of communication and the way they presented and explained certain steps and solutions very straightforwardly. We continue to work together and look forward to new projects. 🙂

Aleksandar Marinković

Aleksandrović Winery

Collaborating with Nikola and Marija is one of the best partnerships I've had during my entrepreneurial journey. I encountered dedication, professionalism, and a willingness to understand my needs, both regarding the website and the platform where my online program is hosted.

Despite the complex technical situation, they managed to find the best solution and set everything up to work correctly in a short time.

It wasn't just the standard email correspondence with programmers, but also live Zoom meetings to better understand and align with the goal of achieving what I want and how to do it efficiently and effectively. If you want your website to work flawlessly and have peace of mind because someone will also maintain it for you, you have my recommendation for these wonderful people.

Mila Muškinja

Career Change Coach

It's a real pleasure to collaborate with Marija and Nikola. To begin with, we understood each other perfectly, and we immediately knew we had found the right people for our website. It was the first time we worked on a sales page after three years of having the website, and Marija exceeded our expectations. Aesthetics, coherence, layout, innovation, creativity... it's all there! But most importantly, there's good energy. 🙂

Nikola is there for everything on our website. Reliability and professionalism on the business side, and understanding and simplicity in communication on the human side... it's all there. And again, most importantly, there's good energy! 🙂 Good energy is the key factor in every collaboration.

Min Green

When we decided to redesign our website, we were looking for a partner who could translate our vision onto the digital canvas. After thorough research and recommendations, we chose to collaborate with the NNWeb team. From the very beginning, Nikola demonstrated exceptional industry knowledge, creativity, and the ability to tailor to our needs. With his expert support, we shaped a visual identity that highlighted our uniqueness and attracted the attention of our visitors.

Throughout the entire website development process, Nikola, through his open communication and attentive listening to our wishes and ideas, created an atmosphere of trust and collaboration. When the website was finally launched, we were delighted with the quality of execution, intuitive design, and flawless functionality. Nikola provided an exceptional user experience, enhancing our online presence and enabling us to stand out in the digital world.

Jozo Barać

Hotel Manager, "Hotel Pharia"

Regarding our collaboration, I am extremely satisfied. I have received much more than I expected. You are very efficient, fast, and attentive to the client's wishes, while also providing your professional suggestions 😊 I will continue to work with you, and I wholeheartedly recommend you to everyone 🍀

Kristina Milanović

Founder of the first Face Fitness Center in Serbia

When I decided I wanted a landing page for my mentoring program, I didn't have the slightest doubt that I would hire Marija and Nikola for the design and development. In fact, I think that was one of the first decisions I made because I knew how well they deliver everything, and yet quickly. Working with them exceeded all my expectations.

Not only was it done quickly and with quality from Nikola's end, but Marija also "hit the nail on the head" with my style when it comes to design right from the start. I plan to have them do my entire website next year. They are my go-to people for anything related to websites and web design. I love that with them, I get an all-in-one, quality, and fast service. Did I mention they are phenomenal people, not just professionals in their field? 😁 I saw that for myself when I met them in person. The warmest possible recommendation for this duo!

Katarina Stanković

Educator and mentor for content creation and sales

One of the easiest collaborations I've had is with Nikola and Marija. This duo is a perfect match! I'm a big fan of IN HOUSE services, and that's what I got from them. Everything I needed, I found with them. Young, full of ideas, enthusiastic, punctual, and very easy to work with! As far as I'm concerned, I'm a subscriber to their services for life.

Jovana Jovanović

Agile Trainer

Collaborating with Nikola from the NNWeb team was phenomenal because I felt I had a reliable and dedicated partner at every moment.

I also feel safe with him because I know that even if he doesn't know something, he will quickly and independently research it and come up with a solution. His composure and simplicity in explaining are also precious to me.

All in all, having Nikola as a partner on a website or platform is a pleasure because as an entrepreneur who values efficiency, speed, accuracy, and professionalism, I can be confident and at ease.

Ana Ranković

Therapist. Coach. Mentor. NLP Trainer.

Collaborating with NNWeb has been fantastic. Nikola and Marija make a great team, and they fulfilled everything we agreed upon and even more, all within a short timeframe. What I particularly like is how they translated all my thoughts into a concrete design and content. As far as I'm concerned, I give them a 10/10 recommendation.

Sanja Dulović

English Professor
Teacher Trainer and Language Examiner

Collaborating with Nikola and Marija was a real pleasure. I felt their support every step of the way. They were dedicated, creative, and accommodating. I appreciate people who understand that, despite all the planning and organization, life happens. In our Zoom meetings, they clarified everything that confused me or I didn't understand.

Now I am at ease. I know my website is working as it should, that someone is taking care of it in the right way, and that I have reliable and diligent partners I can count on. Thank you, guys!

Ivana Marković


I've been collaborating with the NNWeb team for nearly a year, and we've done a lot together. From the website, newsletter, blog, sales page, to counseling. What matters most to me is the quality of service.

If you're looking for a team that doesn't work just for the sake of it but genuinely cares about aligning what you want with your brand, and it's important to you that you get what you asked for, usually even more than that, then the NNWeb team is a perfect fit for you.

Tamara Đurđević

Psychologist and Psychotherapist


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