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First Step in WordPress

WordPress is a open source software you can use to create a nice looking website, blog or application. WordPress, more precisely is a content menagment system (CMS). Heart of WordPress are two powerful program language, PHP and MySQL. CMS started as a blogging platform on 27. May 2003. It was founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. This year it will celebrate it’s 16. birthday. Today according to Wikipedia WordPress sites take 30% of all web sites on the world. Pay attention because on the web market exist two wordpress platforms. This time we are gonna talk about (WordPress). If you want to know more, see our WordPress Introduction Video Series.,, wordpress, install wordpress, nnweb and web sites. Here you can find all about WordPress.

Origin of WordPress

Well, history of WordPress started a long time ago in 2003. Precursor of WordPress was b2 so called cafelog. Cafelog is weblog tool created especially for blogging. It was written in PHP and uses a MySQL datebase. Cafelog was published under the GPL (general public license). This licence was very important for creation of WordPress. B2/cafelog was created two years before WordPress by Michel Valdrighi. With cafelog came a new way of generating content. New concept was creating pages from MySQL datebase. This concept was huge upgrade for blog.

After almost 2 years of development on cafelog Michel Valdrighi “disappeared”. He had some problems in personal life (jobless). One of b2/cafelog users Matt Mullenweg came up with the idea to create a new blogging platform. He took the best from cafelog and added more features. Not so long after Mike Little was joined with Matt. After few months Michel Valdrighi reappeared. He also made a very important news about b2/cafelog: “Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little are leading the new WordPress branch of b2. If you want to help with WordPress don’t hesitate to contact either of them!” First version of WordPress was realised in spring 2003. The rest is history!

Why is WordPress so different?

First of all let us compare blog component of WordPress with other platforms. I will mostly be talking about Google blogging platform named Blogger. I was using Blogger a few years ago. The most of blogging platforms are standing alone. They are in no need for manual server set up from user.  Just click sign in, put some information, your logo, click next, next and that is all. However, WordPress needs server for functioning. That can be offline server with apache and MySQL or online server with hosting and domain name.

Unique WordPress! Why?

WordPress is platform which is using so called Themes for display website. Themes are premade layout with all parts of webpage including header, main part (content), sidebar, footer, etc. Majority of themes have a flexible options for customization. After changing settings for final product you can have very different looking webpage. WordPress theme have options for controlling colors of header and footer, sidebar positioning, menu styling. With knowledge of CSS (Cascading style sheets), HTML and PHP customization of WordPress theme is limitless. On the Market there are free themes with limitations and paid ones with all functionalities. Beside these themes you can made a custom themes which are more powerful than others.

wordpress themes
WordPress themes repository

For better user experience WordPress is using Plugins too. A plugin is a piece of software which extendes functionalities of WordPress site. They are mostly using HTML, CSS, PHP, Java Script for their functioning. Plugin also can be free or paid. has a huge library of free plugins. For example you can have a plugin for adding custom CSS on your website. Furthermore be careful with installation plugins on website because they can slow down a speed of it. The biggest problem is the one with badly code writing. Good practice is “don’t exaggerate with to many plugins”.


WordPress is an open source CMS. It is giving great possibilities for creating websites. WordPress powers up more than 30% of all websites world wide. Very important component are themes. Also, for more functionality it is using plugins. WordPress was born in 2003. and today sixteen years later behind his back is standing huge community of users and code writers. Each day this community is growing and WordPress is becoming more and more powerful. 

Nikola Nikolić

I'm more than 6 years in love with WordPress. I'm designing and creating websites using a vast number of Page builders like (Gutenberg, Elementor, Themify). I like to code from scratch with HTML, CSS, and JS. Now I'm learning custom WordPress themes. Additionally, I'm enjoying spending my free time reading epic fantasy books and modeling in Blender open-source software.